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Wedding Couple

Hi, I'm Brett.....

"Everywhere I go, My camera follows

Brett Salako, Wedding Photographer

If I'm being honest, I accidentally became a photographer. I loved photos and could spend hours looking at books with old photos from years gone by. But never in my wildest dreams did I think to pick up a camera!!


But then one beautiful April afternoon my daughter was born and I turned to my wife and said “Shall we get a camera to capture some images of our daughter”. What I didn't know then was that sentence would lead me down a road that has been the most amazing journey and fulfilling of my life.


Just a few short weeks later (My birthday to be precise) me and Alice (wife) were sitting in Waterstones book shop in Bath deciding randomly what hobby each of us should take up. It was simple to me. We had just purchased a camera so I was going to pick photography! She went with whittling…It didn't quite pan out for her. 


I was hooked instantly and all I wanted to do was take pictures and if I wasn't taking them I was reading about them and the people that take them. I simply loved photography and everything about it. I really loved everything about wedding photography, capturing those moments that couples will look back on for years and it instantly takes them back to their special day. 


So one night on holiday in Cornwall after a merlot or two I decided to send a one sentence request to James Fear asking could tag along to a wedding with him and see how it's done. Just 2 min later I got a reply “Sure why not”


Guys the rest is history, because over the next six years I learnt how to become a wedding photographer and I couldn't be happier.

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